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Two Men and a Wyvern (FE: A)
(Read description first, please ;p
Pairing: Gerome/Inigo)
The awkward silence is tangible, laying like a heavy blanket over the two occupants of the small tent. Inigo is trying not to sulk, really- or gods forbid, cry- but he hardly knows how to deal with a comrade who all but spits in the face of his frequent attempts at friendliness. He had barely known Gerome in the future, though their mothers had been friendly and they had been introduced as children. A vague memory comes to mind of Gerome ignoring his attempts to get the older boy to play with him, and he is reasonably sure that the afternoon ended with his younger self sobbing into his mother's skirts. Apparently, the situation has improved less than he might have hoped.
"Look, I didn't ask to be put in a tent with you either, tall-dark-and-antisocial. You really could be a better sport about this." Gerome shoots him a long, withering stare from beneath the mask and Inigo falls silent again, fidgeting uncomfortably under his gaz
:iconavi17:avi17 14 2
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Before the Fall
Before the fall
She fidgets through her cards and cash
And tallies up her fashion funds
While, undecided on which trends are fun
And flirty, makes a brash decision
Who really needs to pay tuition?
Gucci’s good as any education
Daddy droops at batting eyes, then bends
And breaks the wallet
She elopes with all of the new trends
Before the fall
When children squirm at all commercials
Reminding them that they have minds
Vacation’s over, time to find
Some time to pick out socks and sneakers,
She cannot decide which shoes to buy
Slick or clinky, spotted, spunky?
She picks the one of highest price
And, sipping coffee spiked with ice decides
To flaunt and strut her new found pride
Four inches floating, stabbing earth below
Radiant style’s ethereal glow
Ishtar gliding down the city street and
Pedestrians’ giddy envy of her feet
Before the fall
You shouldn’t wear the shoes you’ve bought for school
Before the fall
You shouldn’t play the idol or the fool
Before t
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Waiting Unanswered
Waiting Unanswered
Jin winced as Shishi strode in, looking disgustingly self-satisfied.  He had been with his fangirls again, that was plain, and the Wind Master could feel Suzuki tensing up beside him as he made the same assumption.
Shishi didn't look at the two who were sharing the table, but instead grabbed a plum from a nearby bowl and walked out, Suzuki's jealous green gaze following him.
"That smug bastard," he hissed at length.  
Jin sighed, knowing another rant was imminent and not really in the mood to hear the younger demon's complaints.  "Suzuki, do you need to-…"
"He knows how I feel about him!" the other continued as if he had not heard Jin.  "He knows and he ignores it and continues to do what he wants.  It's not fair!  He's being selfish, and cruel and he knows it!"
Letting his head drop to bang on the table once, Jin sat back up and pointed at Suzuki.  "Now listen here- I've had enough a' this whining
:iconkasigi-omi:Kasigi-Omi 7 7
boy'S by heise boy'S :iconheise:heise 7,768 1,180 Blood by heise Blood :iconheise:heise 5,647 392 HP7: Shoulder to TeenAngst On by Scarabsi HP7: Shoulder to TeenAngst On :iconscarabsi:Scarabsi 39 16


Ok, so for those of you that don't know, I have a tumblr now and am generally much more active over there than here.  The url is , so if you want to keep more updated with what is going on with my art/writing/cosplay projects, there would be the place to do it, since not all of it gets posted here these days.  NOW, because I have a tumblr (and have had one since about June of last year), I want to ask that please no one repost any more of my art to tumblr- even with credit, and no matter how old it is.  I have been periodically posting my own art and plan to bring a lot more of it over there, so please just wait and leave me the opportunity to post my own art instead of reposting.

Thanks everyone,
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