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November 8, 2012
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Loki Masquerade Mask by avi17 Loki Masquerade Mask by avi17
I wish I had better photos of this, but unfortunately my camera got murdered at AWA, so I had to use my phone. XD

Anyways, this was my latest little project! Originally it was made to go with my Loki costume for a Halloween masquerade ball- I didn't end up actually going to that, but I decided to finish it anyways. The whole thing is made from reinforced craft foam (several layers, so it's quite stiff and durable), including the horns, which were a big pain, but I was surprisingly happy with them. XD I finished it the same way I did my armor so that they would go together, though actually, I like the look of it with Stuttgart Loki a lot more. The design is based on elements of his armor from The Avengers, plus the horns, and the symbol that is always found on his headpiece in the comics. It is mounted on a dowel for easy holding (I prefer those to the kind that tie around the head, though I suppose I could do either). I like the feathers, though I might look for stiffer ones next time to make sure they stay where I put them. XD

I had fun doing this, and I think it came out well, so I'm considering taking commissions for this or other masks, whether to go with cosplays (I know some cons do masquerade-type events) or just for fun. I would be willing to design them based on pretty much any character from The Avengers/Marvel Cinematic Universe, and possibly other things (either the comics or non-Marvel-related stuff) as well if you talk to me about it. If people are interested, I'll tally up the materials cost and figure out a cost for time- I don't think they'd be too crazy expensive.

Let me know if anyone is interested! :)
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riotfaerie Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I tried making the horns with craft foam but failed miserably. I think this looked fantastic. How did you make the horns?
Thanks for the compliment!  These were done with craft foam too. XD   I essentially made two triangles that I rolled into cones, with a thinner triangle on the inside to support it and have something to glue to, making the seam as invisible as possible (you can use fabric paint to fill it in).  Since they're small, you can use superglue so it'll hold fast.  Once the cones are formed, I held them over the stove for heat, bending them very slowly into shape.  I wish I could give more specific advice, but I've made a couple sets of horns (these and bigger ones) that way and it has worked.
SapphiresFrost Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you have tips for the horns, at all? I'd like to do something like this, but I have no idea how I would do the horns. Everything else I got! It is such a brilliant idea and you have executed it *perfectly*!!! :D
Teasingly alluring
Haha thanks! XD
craneHARDCORE Nov 9, 2012   General Artist
Really cool!!
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